Tuesday, August 25, 2015

News: Man Digs Up Father's Grave To Argue With Corpse

I guess that's one way to have the last word. Link from Viola Fury.

Man Digs Up Father's Grave To Argue With Corpse

An attempt to bury old wounds by digging up a corpse has landed a Kentucky man behind bars.

Michael May, 44, was arrested Monday evening after an officer saw him digging up a grave at a cemetery in Sanford, Kentucky, according to WKYT.com.

May told the arresting officer he was trying to dig up the grave of his father so he could argue with him, according to WAVE3.com.

The arresting officer also said May seemed intoxicated and quoted Bible verses when confronted, according to Central Kentucky News.

May was charged with violating graves, public intoxication and marijuana possession and locked in the Lincoln County Jail.



  1. Some people have big issues.

  2. Good grief! Carrying around anger and bad feelings all those years will give you ulcers!

  3. What is it about Kentucky and Florida? All these odd stories seem to come from those two states! As far as this guy...I'm pretty sure drugs and alcohol had something to do with this! Sheesh! Get over it, dude!

  4. OMG! I'm internet famous now, thanks to you, Carey! It does seem that Florida has it's share of cranks, weirdos and just batshit insane fuckery that goes on. Drugs and alcohol? Tame stuff, when you can sniff bath salts and dine on people! I wouldn't love it hear, just for the zaniness. Thanks again, Carey! You are simply the best! <3



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