Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Amusing Detention Slips Of The Day

More proof that we need to go back to spanking in schools. I got paddled in school and look how I turned out. Okay, bad example.

"While involved in an elimination basketball game with Mr. Edwards' class, Brandon grabbed his crotch as if to say 'right here' to some of Mr. Edwards' students."

"Thinks it's funny to pass gas while in the van. I've told him to stop, that it's not funny nor polite to others in the van. When others scream he laughs."


  1. Such shenanigans! :D

    I'd think the sandwich thrower could have found a more exciting way to seize the day.

  2. If I were the teacher, I'd be hard pressed to keep a straight face during some of these "incidents".

    Cotton headed ninny muffin! Hahahaaaahaaaaaa!



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