Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Funny Sign Burnouts Of The Day

Bad for them, good for us. Thanks for the idea, Ginni D.

No thanks, the one I have works just fine.

Every bottle is a party!


You thought they lived at the North Pole all year?

Reminds me of someone I knew in college.

Go barefoot in the snow and you'll find out.

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Truth in advertising.

It only hurts for a second.

Target: "Yo, not much, just being awesome as usual."

Competitor of the Ho Depot.


Translation: We sell laxatives.


  1. "Im hurt Emergency & Trauma Center" and "Sup Target" made me laugh. These are great. Your captions are the best!

  2. Are Feet Shoes? Dude, I just need some shoes. I don't pretend to know the secrets of the universe.

  3. "Top Jew" had me laughing out load. The heresy! Is nothing sacred on LOTD? Keep tearing down them shibboleths and sacred cows, Cary! And yah, your comments make the pictures so much funnier! <3



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