Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Effed-Up Baby Bed Of The Day

Oh hell no. That's just evil. Have fun in therapy with your kid, guy who made this.
From Neatorama:
A Jaws-inspired baby bed that looks like a shark eating a boat? Surely there is such a thing. What loving parents wouldn't want to keep their child save by instilling a healthy dose of fear of sharks and expensive hobbies such as boating?

By the look of that crying baby, we're going to need bigger diapers soon ... and in just a couple short months, they'll surely need a bigger bed. May we suggest the proud parents choose something completely different then, perhaps the clown bed from The Simpsons?


  1. Oh my. No, no, no. Even if it didn't bother the baby, that would give me nightmares.



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