Monday, June 23, 2014

Creep Fighter Of The Day: Stupid Lines and Tiny Dongs (NSFW-ish)

This is awesome.
From Happy Place:
Woman gets back at online dating creeps by drawing them with tiny penises and posting to Instagram

When 23-year-old Anna Gensler, an artist, joined Tinder six months ago, she was hoping to meet guys. Instead, she was matched with a whole bunch of creeps. Their opening texts ranged in message and tone from "I have a long penis" to "Bet your [sic] tight." Gensler was—like most women on dating sites—put off by the dudes, who seemed to think these disgusting overtures would actually work.

Instead of just deleting the texts or writing back something angry, Gensler decided to try to "give them a taste of their own medicine."

"I try to use art as my weapon, even though that sounds so lame," Gensler told Slate. Using the men's profile pics as guidelines, she created cartoon images of them, but naked and with tiny penises. Alongside the drawings, she included their initial texts. Then she posted the art to Instagram and shared it with the guys."

Here's some of her work. Read more about it here.

Spoof Of The Day: Casey Kasem & U2 (NSFW)

You probably heard that veteran broadcaster Casey Kasem passed away on Father's Day. You might have heard that he was a prima donna who liked to spew profanity-infused rants during his recording sessions, which audio techs over the years were kind enough to record and disseminate for our amusement. What you likely haven't heard is this send-up of both Casey and U2 that was done many years ago by the band NEGATIVLAND. I never gave Casey a proper sendoff here, so this will have to suffice.


News: North Korea Has Officially Condemned Seth Rogen and James Franco

If only the U.S. would follow suit.
North Korea Has Officially Condemned Seth Rogen and James Franco

The North Korean regime has officially condemned Seth Rogen and James Franco.

Just let that sink in for a second.

The stars of Pineapple Express and This Is the End have been condemned by North Korea.


See, the two actors have teamed up for a new movie called The Interview, in which they play celebrity journalists who score an interview with Glorious Leader Kim Jong Un, and then the government enlists them to assassinate him instead. Hijinks, presumably, ensue.

But a spokesman for Kim Jong Un has made it clear they are not happy at all about this film.

(read more)

Guys With Zooey's Eyes Of The Day

Famous dudes with Zooey Deschanel's eyes. So sweet. From the Tumblr blog.

(More here)


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