Thursday, January 9, 2014

News: New Women's Underwear Features Bluetooth-Connected Vibrating Pantyliner

Is that a vibrator in your panties or are you just glad to see me? From Jezebel.
New Undies With Bluetooth-Connected Vibrating Pantyliner Will Make Your Day A Lot More Interesting

Like a diminutive, pantyliner-shaped version of the obelisk from 2001: A Space Odyssey, the latest in wearable tech has appeared upon our horizon, leaving us shrieking and jumping in place confusedly. It's called the OhMiBod Remote App, and it's a vibrator that connects, via Bluetooth, to your smartphone.

Sex toy company OhMiBod unveiled the product — which will retail for a mere $135 — at this year's CES show in Las Vegas.

It's due out in March, so gird your loins, ladies.

According to the company's website, the vibrator is meant to sit in the front of a matching blue "panty," and it contains a Bluetooth chip, which reacts to input from one's — or one's partner's — smartphone. Users can then use the phone's built-in touch sensors and volume controls to control the vibrator.

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Bad Knock-Off Brands Of The Day

These are top-selling brands among the nearsighted, dyslexic, and illiterate. From Rich Girl Red.

That's not chicken.

A much better seller than her companion doll, Malignant Girl

Still better than Windows

Good luck brushing the suck off this.

Mm, these are delicious spheres!

Sounds like Johnnie worked a little too hard.

Ugly by any name.

You don't Michael alone with your food, trust me.


A more accurate description of this product's effect
than "dew."

Ralpl House

Watch out for the secretive goo. It came from
Michael Alone.

Adios, adidos!

Don't call him Bob.

Johnnie Worker wears these.

Made in China. No shit.


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