Monday, December 1, 2014

News: Smelly Pig Kicked Off Airplane

No, not the fat guy sitting next to you with the his elbow in your gut and his ripe pit-stank up your nose. A real pig.
Rowdy, Smelly Pig Kicked Off Plane

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn., Nov. 29 (UPI) -- A woman and her pot-bellied pig were booted off a Washington, D.C.-bound plane after passengers complained the pig was disruptive and stinky.

The pig, thought to be about 70 pounds, had been brought aboard the US Airways plane at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut as an emotional-support animal. Crew members determined the animal was too disruptive and asked the woman to leave with the pig before the flight departed.

Some people aboard the plane thought the woman was carrying a large duffel bag over her shoulder.

"But it turns out it wasn't a duffel bag. We could smell it and it was a pig on a leash," Passenger Jonathan Skolnik told ABC News.

"She tethered it to the arm rest next to me and started to deal with her stuff, but the pig was walking back and forth."



  1. I could hear the character Flo from that old sitcom "Alice" yelling "When Pigs Fly!" in my mind while reading this.:-) The source article said monkeys, cats, and miniature horses can be considered emotional-support animals too! Yikes!

  2. So. Smelling like poop is considered to be emotionally supportive now. Good to know.



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