Monday, December 8, 2014

News: Sephora Mistakenly Rolls Out Vulgar Hashtag

Sephora Mistakenly Rolls Out Vulgar Hashtag

Even the most beloved brands are prone to the occasional blunder.

While French beauty retailer Sephora landed squarely at the top of our list of the world’s most trusted companies earlier this year, the cosmetic giant is currently in the throes of one of the most vulgar social-media mishaps ever.

On the heels of its foray Down Under -- with the first Australian Sephora store slated to open in Sydney today -- the company decided to roll out a hashtag, #CountdownToBeauty, to generate buzz on social media.

But in what should serve as a brutal lesson in the importance of proofreading, one missing letter threw the entire promotional campaign into complete disarray.

In a Facebook post -- which has since been deleted -- the company’s social-media handlers mistakenly left out the first ‘o’ in the word ‘countdown,’ resulting in the uproariously profane #C**tdownToBeauty.

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  1. It's surprising how much difference one missing letter can make. :-)



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