Wednesday, November 19, 2014

News: School Library Steam-Cleaned Following Porn Shoot

I went to the wrong college.
School Library Steam-Cleaned Following Porn Shoot

NEWCASTLE, Australia, Nov. 18 (UPI) -- Australia's Newcastle University said its library was steam cleaned after officials discovered a student was using the facility to film pornographic videos.

Officials said staff at the Auchmuty library were informed in October that a student had been filming sexually explicit videos in the facility and posting them to a pay-per-view pornographic website.

Parts of the library were ordered to be steam cleaned and pictures of the student were given to staff with instructions to alert security if she entered the library, officials said.

A university spokeswoman told the Newcastle Herald administrators were "very disappointed" to learn the student was "using internet facilities inappropriately on campus."

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  1. I doubt that she is the only student there "using internet facilities inappropriately on campus."

  2. Right?! I used to sleep in the library sometimes. Once or twice I might have drawn pictures of boobs on a desktop.

    1. We used to have a guy come in to use the computers at the public library where I worked. Every day he would doodle little pictures on the pieces of scrap paper that we left out for patrons to use to write down the call numbers of books. He would draw several a day that ranged from suggestive to obscene and then leave his "artwork" behind on the desk for us to find after he went home.



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