Monday, November 3, 2014

News: Man Robs Subway Because Jared Diet Didn't Work

Man Robs Subway Because Jared Diet Didn't Work

It can be frustrating when a much-hyped diet doesn’t work.

One man used a failed diet as an excuse for a string of armed robberies, according to “Good Morning America.”

An Alabama man named Zachary Torrance claims that he attempted the “Jared diet” promoted by Subway restaurants but he failed to lose weight. He decided he deserved his money back, so he robbed four Subway restaurants in a four-day span.

Surveillance video of one of the Subway robberies was posted on the Hueytown Police Department's Facebook page. Torrance, 18, was eventually caught because a person who had seen the surveillance video recognized the orange shoes Torrance was wearing at a local Walmart store, where the suspect was allegedly shopping for a gun holster.

Police were called and Torrance was taken into custody.


  1. The sentence about him wearing orange shoes and shopping at Walmart for a gun holster made me laugh. That painted quite a picture. :-)

  2. I wonder if the dumbass knew that you had to get the hoagies without cheese or mayo, and had to actually exercise as well. Or was he just the type who'd shove a footlong down his gullet and watch NASCAR instead.

    Hell, the real Jared walked to and from Subway to get his grub on.



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