Friday, September 12, 2014

WTF? Vintage Photos Of The Day

What, you thought being weird was a recent development? Feel free to supply any captions you like.

Miss Buttaface Contest, Atlantic City, 1954

Someone lost her virginity in a big way.

There, there. Don't be sad. I'm not going to eat you until later this afternoon.

When glory holes go wrong

Isn't this a scene from The Shining?


  1. I love the comforting bear. :-) These photos are so bizarre. Some of them I don't think I want to know the story behind them! That last one, Koo Koo the bird girl looks like Paul Shaffer.

  2. Man combing stuffed fox: "Now, now my little vixen. Don't be jealous of the pussy. There is plenty of me to go around."

    Diving Bell portrait: "Yes dear, of course I simply adore your new perfume."

  3. I would frame any of these photos and proudly display them in my home.



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