Monday, September 8, 2014

Photo Surprise Of The Day

Well duh, man. Did you not see it coming?

From Buzzfeed:
When doting dad Al Ferguson planned to capture the sheer joy he felt as a new father in an adorable photo shoot with his baby, he probably didn’t expect the surprise he received.

I love how happy the baby looks in the second photo. Talk about a load off! Thanks for the link, Rich Girl Red.

(more here)


  1. At least the first photo turned out well. :D

    In the article, the dad is quoted as saying, "Bizarrely, when you become a parent, your own child’s poo doesn't seem that disgusting.” I beg to differ with him on that. It is still disgusting. You just have no other choice but to deal with it.

  2. Reminds of that joke about the guy that was eating a ham sandwich while holding his baby. He thought he'd dribbled dijon mustard on his arm and he licked it off. It wasn't dijon mustard.

  3. I'm impressed that none of it got on his shirt. All in all a successful shoot.



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