Thursday, September 11, 2014

News: Vets Remove 43-1/2 Socks From Great Dane's Stomach

See? Even sock-eating dogs can't keep up with pairs. From UPI.
Vets Remove 43-1/2 Socks From Great Dane's Stomach

PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 4 (UPI) -- An Oregon animal hospital said surgeons operating on an ailing great Dane discovered 43 1/2 socks in the canine's stomach.

Shawna Harch, spokeswoman for Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland, told The Oregonian the owners of the dog, who were not identified by the hospital, brought the canine in with vomiting and a stalled appetite and Dr. Ashley Magee noted "a lot of foreign material in his stomach" when she took an X-ray.

Harch said Magee operated on the dog for two hours and recovered 43 1/2 socks in the poor pooch's stomach.

The spokeswoman said the hospital submitted the find to Veterinary Practice News' "They Ate WHAT" contest and won $500 to be donated to helping low income families afford veterinary care.

The whereabouts of the missing 1/2 sock remain unknown.

1 comment:

  1. t seems odd that the dog ate that many before the owners noticed anything. You think they would have missed so many socks!
    That dog must have the worst breath ever. :D



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