Monday, August 4, 2014

18 Archaic and Amusing Terms For Sexual Intercourse (Of The Day)

From Mental Floss and Daisy.
"Here are the most adorable terms for sexual intercourse from the last 600 or so years. Many of them have origins so obscure they hardly make sense at all, but that doesn’t detract from their bawdy adorability in the slightest. When it comes to the ol’ houghmagandy, a little mystery goes a long way."

Play nug-a-nug (1505)

Play at couch quail (1521)

Ride below the crupper (1578)

Fadoodling (1611)

Princum-prancum (1630)

Dance the Paphian jig (1656)

Dance Barnaby (1664)

Shot twixt wind and water (1665)

Blow off the groundsills (1674)

Join giblets (1680)

Play at rumpscuttle and clapperdepouch (1684)

Lerricompoop (1694)

Ride a dragon upon St. George (1698)

Houghmagandy (1700)

Pogue the hone (1719)

Have one’s corn ground (1800)

Horizontal refreshment (1863)

Get one’s ashes hauled (1910)

(more terms here)


  1. I like "horizontal refreshment." It sounds so dignified. "Join giblets," on the other hand, makes me think of those nasty turkey parts that are stuffed inside a paper pouch in the cavity of the turkey at Thanksgiving. HA! :D

  2. I use "gettin' my ashes hauled." I think I'll adopt "getting my corn ground."



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