Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Product Of The Day: Han Solo Carbonite Toilet Seat

You'll never shit alone.
From Nerd Approved:

Han may not like the idea of being frozen in carbonite and used as a toilet seat cover in your bathroom, but he’s frozen in carbonite, so it’s not like he can say much.

This toilet seat is made by a company called Derby Covers and, apparently, all of their toilet seats are custom painted and airbrushed. That’s got to look interesting on a resume!

They cover all sorts of different fandoms, so I’m guessing that if Han’s tortured face isn’t your thing, you’ll find something you like.

Product Page ($59.99)


  1. I'm so boring. I just want to know, "How hard is it to clean? Is it heavy? Will it make noise when it's slammed down in the middle of the night?" :)



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