Monday, June 30, 2014

News: Man Steals Chicken Suit, Wears It To Wing Night At Bar Next Door

Man Steals Chicken Suit, Wears It To Wing Night At Bar Next Door

KANSAS CITY (ABCNews)-- Most burglars like to lay low after taking down a score.

But one man in Kansas City, Mo., was arrested after wearing his spoils in public -- a costume that looked like a bird suit -- waltzing into a pub next door, on wing night, police said.

The bizarre incident occurred when the man, whose identity has yet to be released, allegedly shattered the window of the Kansas City Costume Co. with a brick on Thursday night, and stole a heavy yellow fur cape and a vintage 1936 feathery hat, a store clerk told ABC News today.

“We heard someone breaking into the costume shop next door,” Chad Baber, general manager at the pub, The Cashew, told ABC News.

“The police came in a little bit, but couldn’t find the man,” Baber said.

About 10 minutes later, the man walked into the pub, with the two stolen pieces of costumes on.

“He just sat there and didn’t order any drinks,” Baber said. “Some people went up and took pictures with him.”

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  1. "he appeared to be under the influence of drugs"

    What a surprise! :-)

  2. The writer of this article clearly had fun with this story.

  3. The power of the chicken COMPELS you! What could he do? :)



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