Thursday, June 26, 2014

More Bad Knockoff Products Of The Day

In China the made of.

He cut off his own arm with that hatchet.

For kids with no personality

Danger funny!

Butter It Snot

Nothing comes between me and my Calvims.

Shaking is so 1975

Oh yeah, Nani. Whodafuck is Nani?

Demon Donkey is fun neddy lovely

As in "Take a..."

G is for goat

Somehow yelling out JUMBLING TOWER! doesn't have the same ring to it.

Do NOT get the creamed chipped beef.

Forget about butter. Only margarine for you.

It's just okay.

Tastes like hi-tops.


Silly Raccoon! Pranks are for kids.

G.I. Joe's weekend persona.

After losing two Death Stars, Vader got busted down to MP

I don't give two...

Gum for potheads


  1. Ahahaha! Cary, you always makes posts like these so much funnier with your captions. These are hilarious!

    My favorites: "For kids with no personality," "G is for goat," and "G.I. Joe's weekend persona." :D

  2. The captions! OMG! I just choked on my potato chip. Like Daisy said, the captions make them way more funny. Captions by Cary © :D

  3. Poor Darth. He even got busted down to motorcycle cop status.



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