Friday, May 9, 2014

Words For That Of The Day

Some of my favorite entries from Words For That, a website that's sort of a cross between Sniglets and Urban Dictionary.
Stomple: When you step down heavily on a stair that isn't there.

Brownbacks: The money one earns while pooping at work.

Stalkwardness: When talking with someone in person, trying not to seem like you know too much about them despite having stalked them on Facebook and knowing details of their life.

John D'oh: A word for a person whose name you have forgotten, but have to spend time around , so you creatively find ways to avoid calling them by name. Also: Heyman.

Nutterstanding: The sympathetic pain a guy feels when he sees another guy get kicked in the nuts.

Fridgefull thinking: Looking for food in the fridge multiple times within a short time frame, while knowing that no food is in there

Niblings: A gender neutral term for nieces and nephews.

Sololol: A word for when you're all alone but laughing out loud at something you read/watch

Itch Ripple: When you scratch an itch, but more and more itches seem to start popping up all over.

Assmosis: The uncomfortable feeling you get when you sit on a seat which is still warm from somebody else's bottom

Clerked: That awkward feeling you get when someone asks you where to find something in a store because they thought you worked there. Also: Refail.

Bagasm: The joy you feel after waiting at Baggage Claim when you finally see your luggage on the carousel.

Spot-Tease: The moment of disappointment when you think you found a parking spot in a full lot but it turns out there was just a short car/motorcycle in the spot.

Aquaphany: When you are in the shower, and suddenly you start thinking deep thoughts about life and the mysteries of the universe.

Dumbstep: The moment you trip on nothing but simply the floor so it ends up looking like you took half a skip.

Ghost Check: The act of pretending to check your cell phone in order to avoid some social situation.

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  1. Stomple appears to refer to the non-existent stair at the bottom of the stairs. We use the term clumpstep to refer to the non-existent stair at the top of the stairs.

  2. These are SO much better than Sniglets! I love them -- especially "aquaphany," "assmosis," and "fridgefull thinking." Great list, C. :)

  3. Fridgefull thinking. Hahaha! I've done that. :D

  4. Love this! Much better than my crapnap!

  5. I ghost check whenever I pass one of those hand lotion kiosks in the mall - those guys are relentless!

  6. These are great. I also solololed.



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