Tuesday, May 20, 2014

When Thong Is Wrong (Of The Day)

It's that time of year. Get ready.

When it's on the outside...

When it's on the field

When it's trying to escape

When it's on sideways

When you both wear it

When it doesn't cover your goofy tattoo

When it's on this guy

When it's showing what no one wants to see

When it reaches your armpits

When it's on a dog

When there's not enough liquor in the world to make you forget seeing it

When it makes your ass look a little big

No complaints here

When it escaped from a nursing home

When it's worn by The Crypt Keeper


  1. I have to admire all those people with the self confidence to just put it all out there, regardless of what other people might think. For instance, right now I'm thinking I need eye bleach.

  2. "When it's trying to escape." Hahaha! :D

  3. Ooof. I'm trying to figure out why these people would even bother wearing a thong at all.



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