Thursday, May 29, 2014

The 22 Most Shoplifted Items In America

I'm not sure how to pull off pinching a vacuum cleaner, but okay. From Buzzfeed.

22. Kitchen-Aid Mixers

21. High-End Vacuum Cleaners

18. GPS Devices

14. Handbags

12. Jeans

11. Pregnancy Tests

9. Electric Toothbrushes and Replacement Heads

5. Allergy Medicines

4. Baby Formula

2. Energy Drinks

1. Cigarettes

(Full list at Buzzfeed.)


  1. Some people must have very big baggy coats to hide things under to pull some of these off. Or maybe they are brazen enough to just load stuff in a cart and push it out of the store without trying to hide it. They are not smart enough to know or to care that security cameras are taking their picture in the store and out in the parking lot.

  2. A Kitchenaid mixer? Those suckers are HEAVY! I can't imagine how one goes about spiriting that out of the store. I'd have better luck smuggling a birthday cake with lit candles!

  3. I stole two lobster tails in college. Even when I shoplift, I'm classy as fuck.

  4. I was nine the first and last time I tried to shoplift. See, I said, "tried." Yeah, I got caught stealing a bag of M&Ms, peanut I believe, by the store security. I was with my friend, Chris. We weren't friends after that, as his parents wouldn't let him any more. Oh, yeah, the whoopin' I got when I got home was life changing.

  5. As a grocery store manager, I've watched people simply load a cart full of things and head for the exit. We either catch them at the door, or we're SOL. We're not supposed to chase them, even to get a license plate. Security cameras handle that stuff. Fortunately, we have undercover cops patrolling the store, but I can still see where people might make a run with a bunch of pharmacy items because they have their own door over there.

  6. The pregnancy tests and the baby formula, forgivable.. God bless em...

  7. In college I stole a dress. I wore it only once because I felt so guilty about it.



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