Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Star Wars Reimagined As WWII Propaganda Posters Of The Day

From Fast Company:

"George Lucas's Star Wars films have always borrowed their inspiration from old sci-fi movie serials. Inspired by the likes of Flash Gordon, Star Wars's entire aesthetic--from swashbuckling with laser swords right down to the famous opening crawl--is deeply rooted in the 1940s.

These great images from illustrator Russell Walks take Star Wars's submerged 1940s sensibilities and bring them to the surface as World War II-style propaganda posters.

Based in Montana, Walks has licensed his art to big clients such as Paramount, Marvel, and Warner Brothers. The posters seen here, though, were produced for Lucasfilm and Topps as part of a series of Star Wars trading cards."

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  1. "Don't be a Sarlacc! Keep your big trap shut!" That one made me laugh. These are very clever,



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