Friday, May 16, 2014

News: Woman Hands Over Liquor Receipt Instead Of License During 7th DUI Arrest

Drinkwater? More like Drinkvodka.

From CBS Boston.
Police: Woman Hands Over Liquor Receipt Instead Of License During 7th OUI Arrest

ARLINGTON (CBS) - Arlington’s police chief says he caught a repeat drunk driver who handed him a liquor receipt when he asked for her driver’s license.

Police Chief Frederick Ryan claims he saw Brenda Drinkwater, 60, of Revere, driving the wrong way and forcing cars off the road on Summer Street in Arlington around 5:30 p.m. Monday.

Chief Ryan then pulled her over.

“Approaching the car, the Chief asked Drinkwater for her license and registration, and she reached into her purse and handed him a credit card and a receipt from a liquor store for a bottle of vodka,” police said in a statement.

“The Chief then saw an open bottle of vodka on her passenger seat and could clearly smell the odor of liquor on her breath.”

Drinkwater was ordered out of her car and Ryan said she was so drunk she nearly fell over.

She failed “a number of sobriety tests,” according to police, and was arrested for operating under the influence for the seventh time.


  1. If she already had 6 OUI arrests on her record, I'm guessing she no longer had a valid driver's license to hand over because it had already been taken away from her!

  2. She should have gone to prison after the second dui.



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