Wednesday, May 7, 2014

News: Bear Cub Meant to Relax Students Before Finals Ends Up Biting Them and Sparking a Rabies Scare

A hundred years ago when I was in college, a pair of traveling preachers -- we called them Brother Jed and Sister Cindy -- would show up on campus from time to time. Their message was simple: TURN OR BURN. They would scream at students, call us all fornicators and masturbators and drunks (all true), tell us we were all going straight to Hell if we didn't change our evil ways.

Jed and Cindy's fire-and-brimstone message went over about as well you might imagine. I remember endless screaming matches between the preachers and the students, even (and especially) the Christian students. It was an ugly affair that lasted for several days, but it was free speech. I don't remember any physical fights, but campus security was always on the scene just in case.

At some point a rumor started that Jed and Cindy were brought in by the school before finals every semester to help students blow off steam. I don't think this was true, as the preachers didn't always show up during finals. I think students cooked up the rumor because they couldn't think of any other credible reason that these two shrieking nutjobs would randomly show up on campus and berate perfect strangers with such anger and venom.

A rabid bear would have been a better choice.
Bear Cub Meant to Relax Students Before Finals Ends Up Biting Them and Sparking a Rabies Scare

A Missouri petting zoo brought a group of animals to Washington University in St. Louis to help students de-stress and relax before their final exams. But one of those animals — an adorable two-month-old bear cub named Boo Boo — kind of defeated the purpose of the whole thing by biting and scratching 18 students.

Because nothing facilitates relaxation like a good old-fashioned rabies scare!

The university had previously said that the cub would have to be euthanized in order to test him for rabies, but school officials now say that won’t be necessary, Reuters reports.

Local, state and federal health officials determined that Boo Boo posed no rabies threat, and the students will not need treatments, according to a statement that the university released Friday.

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  1. We had one of those sidewalk preachers on campus at the university when I went to college too. He only came around in the spring though. I guess the northern winters were too harsh for him to want to stand outside in the cold.

    As for the bear cub coming to help relax the students, I wonder whose great idea that was. HA! Maybe next time they will bring in a trained therapy dog instead. :-)

  2. I always felt bad for the street preachers. They seemed so earnest.

  3. In the late '80s, Purdue had Brother Jed, but Sister Cindy didn't feature. She must've been raising a Quiverfull. We also had a local: Brother Max. We loved to show up and heckle them, throw frisbees around them, holler "verbatim!!" whenever they'd try to quote Scripture...good times, good times...



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