Monday, March 17, 2014

News: Playboy Model Sues For Golf-Tee-In-Butt Stunt Mishap

He missed the hole. Luckily for her.

Playboy Model Sues Magazine After ‘Golf Tee In Butt’ Stunt Goes Wrong

Liz Dickson, a model who appeared at the 2012 Playboy Golf Finals, is suing the infamous publication after a golfing stunt went awry.

A golfer trying to drive a ball from a tee that had been placed between Dickson’s buttocks actually ended up whacking her instead. The incident took place at the Industry Hills Golf Club in Los Angeles on March 30, 2012,

According to TMZ, Dickson is now trying to sue for battery and negligence, and she is seeking $500,000 plus punitive damages. The golfer who embarrassingly missed the shot has been named as Kevin Klein, a Playboy Morning Show radio host.

Further details surrounding the incident have also materialized, and they note that Dickson was instructed to lay on her stomach and pose for a photo with Klein, whose show is simulcast on radio and cable TV. The lawsuit states that she agreed to have the image taken of her lying on her stomach “with her buttocks partially exposed.”

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  1. Let's see, she agreed to have a golf ball whacked off her ass by an amateur golfer and she's suing because he missed? Did he hit her in the head? Good thing she's pretty.

  2. You can't see me, but I'm rolling my eyes.

    Mugshot guy today reminds me of Crazy Guggenheim. :)

  3. Sure hope he remembered to replace his divots, or else the golf course will charge him for it.



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