Monday, March 10, 2014

News: DUI Man's BAC Too High To Calculate, Say Police

But he only had two Bud Lights, he swears. From
Police Say Iowa City Man's Blood-Alcohol Content Too High To Register

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- You know your blood-alcohol content is too high when a Breathalyzer can't calculate it.
Iowa City police said that's what happened early Friday morning when they gave a breath test to an Iowa City man that initially read .467 percent before reading "HI."

Officers were called to 2105 J St., the home of 28-year-old Levi B. Carter, for a report of a man who drove off the road and hit a street sign.

Police said Carter was talking to people in his basement who were not there, smelled strongly of alcohol and could barely stand without holding himself up.

Carter allegedly told police he drank two Bud Lights and admitting to driving home.

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  1. Wow. He could barely stand, he was talking to imaginary people with slurred speech, and yet he was behind the wheel with a passenger in his car and going 55 in a 25 mph zone. If ever there was a case made for one of those breathalyzers attached to a steering wheel that locks the ignition if the BAC is too high, this is it.

  2. I rather think this makes the case for corporal punishment. Maybe a good public caning might sink in where simple need for common sense has clearly failed.



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