Monday, March 3, 2014

Crappy Engagement Photos Of The Day

And people paid money for these. Link from David Ross.

Do me in the alley!

Because rabbits.

I can't camouflage my love for you

Do me on this hillside, nobody will se--OH HAI!


Airin' it out before the honeymoon.

Is this an engagement or a gunfight?

Get used to it, pal

I want to do to these two what John Belushi did to that singer in Animal House

I do...take it in the pooter


I married Adam Sandler.

Neck *SNAP*


Say you'll marry me or I will kill you.

This makes sense.

This makes even more sense.

We so gangsta!

Shitter's full!

If we die, we die together.

Welcome to my butthole.

I don't think the Shocker works on men but you can try.


  1. Hahaha! What were they thinking? Your captions are the best part, Cary. =)

    "We so gangsta!"

  2. These are all weird but the Adam and Eve in the garden with the snake was truly disturbing. I'd be hiding my head too, if I knew my mother was going to see that photo!

  3. I saw a couple dressed in camouflage like those two idiots up there, and I knew right then, that I was in the wrong town.
    Love your captions, Cary!

  4. Neck *SNAP!* Guy is carrying his wife all wrong. He'll never win her weight in beer:
    And people think I'm stupid for wanting to retire to Finland...

  5. The butthole one made me laugh. I hope they put that one on their Christmas cards that year.



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