Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Unappetizing Food Photos On Instagram (Of The Day)

Trying to diet? This will help. From Buzzfeed.


Stouffer's lasagna. Cooked for fifty-eight hours instead of minutes. Dad never could work that microwave.

The middle one looks like a deep-fried squid. Eyes and all.


Sizzler side salad: $0.69 (Thousand Island dressing included and no, you can't have it on the side.)

Surely a child made this

Giant pan o' cheese. Does it really matter what's underneath?

Looks like something I found growing under a rotten stump in my yard.

Is that custard or leftover bacon grease?

That steak just twitched.

Deep fried shotgun shells?

The Thing

Salmon croak-ettes?

That's someone's tongue.

Pan-fried earlobes. Yum.

This what it looks like when fries die.

Are those maggots?

Church-supper Mexican Night reject. At least they tried to class it up with a styrofoam plate. Paper is so gauche.

(See more here if you're a glutton. For food or punishment.)


  1. "Looks like something I found growing under a rotten stump in my yard." hahaha!
    Yes, indeed! Love the captions, Cary. Your captions make everything better.

  2. Salmon croakettes! HAHAHAHA! They were the way my mother made them. AND they stunk up the house.

    Awesome captions! Always my favorite part. :)

  3. Hilarious! I love the meat spelled out. On the other hand, some of those photos look better than what you get on a long haul flight.



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