Monday, February 24, 2014

News: Parrot Rats Out DUI Driver To Cops At Alcohol Checkpoint

Then owner eats bird after getting out of jail. Not really, but I would, the little snitch. Snitches get stitches, you know. From the Daily News.
Parrot rats out driver to cops at alcohol checkpoint: 'He's drunk!'

A Mexican motorist was busted drunken driving after his pet parakeet ratted him out to police.

Guillermo Reyes, 49, was pulled over by traffic officers at a routine alcohol checkpoint in Mexico City last week.

As he got out of his blue Chevy to be tested, cops heard a voice saying: "He's drunk, he's drunk."

At first, they thought someone else was inside the vehicle. But, on closer inspection, they were stunned to see it was Reyes' beloved bird turned snitch.

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  1. See that's why dogs are man's best friend instead of parrots. =)

  2. Parrot or stool pigeon? Time to fly. :)

  3. The blue bird pictured is a Hyacinth Macaw, and they cost about $15k. Still want to eat it?

    1. Maybe. What does it taste like?

    2. Like a tender cross between bald eagle and California condor.



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