Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Classic Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Definitions

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Craigslist w4m definitions and meanings

Date: 2009-08-29, 7:12PM CDT


"Baggage" = I can't deal with actual human beings

"Curvy" = fat

"Drama free" = I'm still bitter and involved with the last guy who got me pregnant

"Love to laugh" = I am boring as hell so hopefully you can make it entertaining

"Looking..." = spam

"Must love..." = spam

"Partner in crime" = I'm as clever and interesting as a brick

"Seeking..." = spam

"Sensual" = fat

"Something real" = spam

"Treat me..." = fat black woman with a highly undeserved sense of entitlement

No picture = fat

Picture of sunset, flower, cocktail, eyes = fat

Three or four sentence post of superficial crap with picture of cute or hot woman = spam

"Not looking for sex" = I'll blow you

Five paragraphs long post = I'm fucking insane


"see what happens" = I'm hoping for at least a fingerbang

"down to earth" = boring

"sincere" = needy

"romantic" = needy

"drama-free" = I need a vagina that won't bother me after I'm done with it

No picture = I resemble a creature from Middle-earth

Picture of anything else other than a person = I will give you an STD

"Love to eat pussy" = Don't really know which part the pee or the baby comes out of

"spoil you" = I hope you're into watersports

"let's chat" = My other hand is on my erection

"love [music, movies, tv]" = I'm a cultural retard

"experienced" = one or two date rape convictions


  1. Ha! It's good to have the key to the code. Must be a lot of fat spammers out there!



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