Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bizarre And Somewhat Disturbing Street Art Of The Day

From Beautiful Decay:

Mark Jenkins’ work recreates the human body and places “people” into odd and often disturbing situations. Some of them are as fantastic as they are strange.

One of the most interesting parts of Jenkins’ work is the way they are installed. His people are on the streets. They are life sized and dressed in conventional clothing, so they look as though they belong in the landscape.

Seeing the reactions of others to these sculptures is both amusing and at times discerning. People walk by them as if they are nothing, as if they are completely normal. Sure, they stare at them, but they are never captured intervening on their behalf.


  1. Most of these would freak me out if I saw them in person and didn't know what they were. They would certainly be worth a double take. The guy with bikes parked on top of him at the bike rack would certainly give me pause.



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