Friday, January 10, 2014

Obnoxious Neighbor Notes Of The Day

Delightful passive-aggression.


  1. That Speed Queen note was genius!

  2. Very thankful for my house right now. Apartment living must just be the pits!

  3. My favorite collection in a long time. Well done Cary. PS: a cow's asshole??? WTF?

  4. Sorry for any inconvenience from my 7 foot python. HA! Great list, Cary!

  5. It seems that some people are very upset when they hear other people getting some. Must be a lot of frustrated people out there.

    But I have to agree with Ginni. This kind of angry neighbour angst is why I can't live in an apartment.

  6. I love these!

    While in grad school we lived in married housing, surrounded by newlyweds. The people next to us had the loudest sex I've ever heard. I called campus security the first time because I thought she was dying. One of her favorite things to yell was, "Ohhhhhhhh, Rickeeeeeeeeeeeee." Every time I saw him in passing I would say, "Heyyyyyyyy, Rickeeeeeeeee!" But I never did leave a note! :)



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