Thursday, January 16, 2014

News: Philadelphia Man Harassing Women To Masturbate Him With Swiss Cheese

I don't know, man, I wouldn't be that eager to admit that my penis could fit into a Swiss cheese hole.
Philadelphia Man Harrassing Women to Masturbate Him With Swiss Cheese

Philadelphia women are on guard in the Mayfair area after several women reported that a large white man drove up next to them in parking lots and offered them money if they would use Swiss cheese to masturbate him.

During the request, his genitals are exposed and he holds a block of Swiss cheese.

The Mayfair Town Watch Facebook page posted a warning to residents of the area entitled Swiss Cheese Pervert in an effort to locate the man.

The post warned of a man driving a newer model black or silver sedan and exposing himself to women. He is described as being in his 40′s or 50′s.

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  1. That story got funnier the more of it I read. Gabby Chest is the name of a woman he contacted on OKCupid?!--haha! The fact that the guy who is a suspect in this case changed his Facebook profile picture to a picture of the moon made me laugh too. I am guessing he is playing off the idea of the moon being made of cheese? =)

  2. I'm not sure I would consider it a compliment to have my skin compared to cheese. Especially not Swiss cheese. No wonder he's alone.

    I love how they are pursuing it "vigorously." (Their quotes, not mine!)



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