Tuesday, January 28, 2014

News: New Bra Only Unhooks If You Are In Love

New Bra Only Unhooks If You Are In Love

Just when you thought Japan’s technology couldn’t get any weirder, they’ve decided to create a chastity belt-like device… for your boobs.

The Japanese lingerie company Ravijour created a bra that will only unhook if it thinks you are in love. It’s called the True Love Tester bra, and is labeled an “innovative bra” that “cannot be unhooked without true love.”

The bra uses a built in sensor that reads your heart rate and communicates with an app on your phone to calculate what exactly your heart rate means.

If it decides you’re digging some guy, it just pops off. No, seriously. It just pops off.

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  1. I'm imagining all the different scenarios where this thing could "pop-off" for the wrong reason. Cause I'm sure that the app controlling it is absolutely foolproof!

    On the other hand, I can totally see a hilarious romcom movie based on this premise.

  2. List of things I could never wear this bra around (of the day)…
    Designer shoes on clearance
    A really great sale at the Gap
    The Apple Store

  3. So crazy! I agree with this statement from the article, " They’re basically just telling us that we can’t make our own judgement calls when it comes to men."



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