Wednesday, January 8, 2014

News: Man Killed By Atomic Wedgie

This is why wedgies have been banned by the WWE.
Man Killed By Atomic Wedgie

There are worse ways to go, but there are not many: An Oklahoma man died on Tuesday after his stepson allegedly gave him an "atomic wedgie" so severe that the man suffocated inside his own underwear.

Brad Davis was arrested and jailed on Tuesday for killing his step-father, Denver Lee St. Clair. Apparently, the wedgie knocked St. Clair out, causing him to fall and strike his head.

While unconscious, St. Clair asphyxiated inside his own briefs (or boxers—from initial reports it's not clear what he was wearing).

Davis is being held in Pottawatomie County jail on a homicide complaint.



  1. See? This is why I go commando. UNDERWEAR KILLS.

  2. Fire Penguin Disco Panda in your ENOTD on the sidebar cracked me up. I'd love to know the story behind that mess.



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