Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Animals Being Dicks Of The Day, Vol. 3

I wish I could act like this and get laughs.

More animals being dicks here and here.


  1. Ahahahaha! These are hilarious! I bet that penguin won't be getting any more wedding invitations.

  2. The pengin/wedding dress is just a whole lotta WTF? I also love the #2 cat: "Um, no you may not.."

  3. These are great and I can't stop laughing at that dickhead goat!

  4. The cat in the second picture..... I can just hear Geraldine saying
    "Don't touch me, you don't know me that well!"
    That and the puppy with it's tongue caught in the turtle's mouth made me laugh the loudest.

  5. These are too funny! I can't pick a favourite, because they all made me laugh!

  6. I love these. Always look forward to a new batch!

  7. These always make me laugh out loud! That poor Eeyore penguin! He was obviously already having a bad day and then his "pal" just pushed him over the edge.

    I wonder if the groom got a deal on penguins instead of doves. "See, honey? Look how cute they are! And they're already dressed in tuxes!"



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