Thursday, April 25, 2013

News: Movie Characters Pass Through Pamplona On The One Week Bulls Run

From The Onion.
Movie Characters Happen To Pass Through Pamplona On The One Week That Bulls Run

PAMPLONA, SPAIN—In a dangerous and completely coincidental confluence of events, three vacationing American movie characters were reportedly almost trampled to death when they just happened to pass through the center of Pamplona, Spain during the one week the running of the bulls takes place.

“Say, where is everybody?” the film’s protagonist Paul Wallace said to his traveling companions as they stood alone in an empty and eerily quiet plaza, unaware that it happened to be the week of July 6, when the city celebrates its annual festival of San Fermín.

“And why is the ground trembling? Maybe it’s an earthquake or—oh my God! Run for it, guys!”

At press time, sources confirmed the three travelers had narrowly escaped the bulls, but only after running past the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Big Ben, and a group of lederhosen-clad Germans who were for some reason celebrating Oktoberfest.

Video Game Matchup: Street Fighter vs Madden Football

That extra point should be worth another six.

Brian May Holding Animals (Of The Day)

The man likes furry things. With hair like that, how could he not?

Baby fox




Another fox


Sedated lion

Another badger

Pudsey, mascot of UK's Children In Need

Another dog

Another fox

Steve the Stag (Surrey U. mascot)

Teddy bear

Brian's an animal activist, hence all the photos.


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