Thursday, December 12, 2013

Picture Project Of The Day: 2 Brothers, 34 Years Of Santa

One family's tradition. Funny and sweet. From Viralnova.

See the series here.


  1. Those got me all verklempt! Especially the ones with the babies, so sweet. I admire that kind of commitment -- I never did anything like that with my kids. I feel like a loser. (Not really, but I could have tried harder!)

  2. I really liked this. A family tradition like this gives you something to look forward to and hold onto year after year even when everything else is changing around you. There's a certain amount of comfort and contentment in that.

  3. LOVE this! I've managed to get a Santa pic of my two every year so far, but my son will be 11yrs old this month and he is already protesting. TOO BAD- WE'RE MAKING GODDAMN MEMORIES! I am trying *really* hard to keep it going. I may resort to bribing him.



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