Monday, December 2, 2013

News: Vandal Keeps Trimming Dick Sculptures In Bushes At Public Park

From Vice.
A Vandal Has Been Trimming Dick Sculptures Out of Bushes

by Alison Stevenson

A vandal has been invading the Windsor Sculpture Park in Ontario, Canada, creating dicks out of bushes.

Since October, there have been three incidents of bushes being transformed into leafy penises—completely ruining the artistic integrity of a sculpture park, which until now you might not have known was a thing—or is that just me?

The expert bush trimmer has not yet been identified, but their latest move was literally just spelling the word "penis" out of garland.

Either this person is getting lazy or this is some sort of transitional period for the artist.  Like Picasso’s “Blue Period”, but maybe more like the “Blue Ball Period”.

John Miceli, Windsor's director of parks and facilities, responded rather positively to the stunt.

“The sculpture garden is getting all kinds of attention, and the bushes in the sculpture garden are getting all kinds of attention. It's a good thing. Hopefully people will visit our sculpture garden more often and take a look for yourself."

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  1. It takes time, talent, and creativity to trim a bush like that. Definitely an "expert bush trimmer." I don't think he sounds lazy at all -- he's rather industrious and obviously has a vision for a world with beautifully trimmed bushes. My kind of guy. :)

  2. Think it'd be easy to tell which guy is doing this, just look for the neighborhood overflowing with phallic shaped topiaries.

  3. "and the bushes in the sculpture garden are getting all kinds of attention. It's a good thing."

    Why yes, that does sound like a good thing! =)



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