Wednesday, December 18, 2013

News: Sears Admits In Commercial That People Only Come There To Park

I can't decide if this is brilliant or pathetic.

Sears was the first store charge card I ever got. I was in college. Why Sears? Because the other stores (Macy's, Rich's, JC Penney) turned me down. I had a $50 limit. The first thing I bought was one of those fuzzy three-piece bathroom sets -- toilet lid cover, tank cover, and rug -- for my apartment. I didn't want it but my sister insisted it was the classy way to go. I used the rest of my limit to buy a broom, trash can, and two LPs: Missing Persons ("Spring Session M") and The Motels ("All Four One").

From Consumerist.
Sears: People Only Come To Our Stores To Park

This holiday season, Best Buy is embracing their reputation as America’s Amazon showroom in their marketing. It’s not clear yet how well this strategy is working, but another retailer has an ad campaign based on the same concept: embracing and turning around what consumers make fun of them for.

A commercial for Sears that’s currently on the air takes a perceived weakness (Sears has vast, empty parking lots) and turns it into a selling point. Kind of.

In the Sears spot, two young women on their way to a mall to see a movie park at Sears, because “there’s always parking at Sears!” Ha ha! Their stores are abandoned!

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  1. I'm going with brilliant! I like how Sears (or at least their ad people) are paying attention to the public's perception of them and using it (hopefully) to their advantage. They've pulled themselves back from the brink before with clever ads, maybe it will work again. The Smarter Side of Sears. :)

    I love the story about your credit card, Cary! Your sister was right; bath rugs and toilet seat covers ARE the classy way to go. :)

  2. Sears is primed to be the new hipster store, because no one ever shops there. BRILLIANT!

  3. "Best Buy is embracing their reputation as America’s Amazon showroom in their marketing."

    I know Best Buy is trying to be cool about this, but I can't even count how many times I've seen people talk to an employee there for awhile and then walk off saying how they're gonna get that exact thing off of Amazon instead.

    And Cary while I can't agree with your sister about how classy the fuzzy toilet accouterments are, I will say that they do make drunkenly hugging the toilet a bit more comfortable.

  4. I can remember going to Sears often when I was a child. It seemed like they sold about everything back then. I haven't been to one in years now, though. There was one close to where we used to live, but they only sold appliances and televisions and such, and they always seemed overpriced compared to what we could buy elsewhere so we stopped going there.



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