Monday, December 23, 2013

Knitted Creation Of The Day: Alien Facehugger Mask

From Knitrocious on Etsy: "Ripley, believe it or not these toasty buggers are just looking for a face to cuddle. Cast your xenophobia aside and snuggle up with this little abomination. Legs have clips so that they can be worn around the head (you know, during sexy time) or unclipped just hang out."

The bad news: it already sold two weeks ago. Maybe she'll make more.


  1. Seems like it would be hard to see and breathe while wearing that, but hey that's a small sacrifice for fashion! =D

  2. I can't knit anything but a dishcloth, but I can appreciate the skill required to make this -- even if I would never wear it. :)

  3. If she'd sell the pattern, I could totally knit that. Doesn't look that hard...!



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