Thursday, November 21, 2013

WTF? Yugoslav Album Covers Of The Day

From Just Something. Link from the amazing Wendy B.

Now we know where Angus Young got his look.

Now we know where Don Henley got his look.

Someone just told him his burro died.

This might be Photoshopped.

Leo, Yugoslavia's answer to Elton

"I shall fap to this before the Shriner's parade."

Super Mario!

Don Felder's new gig since leaving The Eagles

I bet he can whistle like a motherfucker.

Nice legs, Chachi. Imagine the bush on that.

Benny Hill


  1. The captions are perfect! "I bet he can whistle like a motherfucker" killed me.The second one looks like Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows.

  2. The albums are funny enough but the captions, geez louise, I'm laughing so hard! I always knew there was some weird shit going on behind the Iron Curtain.

  3. That sad Santa looks like Dan Akroid in Trading Places. I bet he even has a smoked salmon in his pocket...

  4. OH GOD, is that leg hair real????

  5. Your comments on the pics of this post made me LOL more than I have in a long time, bravo M'sieur!

  6. Here, this one's missing:



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