Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Things My Dog Does And Does Not Bark At (Of The Day)

Great dog, my Molly. Very protective, but confused.

The UPS guys bringing me goodies from Amazon

The Jimmy John's delivery guys bringing me delicious sandwiches

My daughter's harmless little girlfriends

The mailman bringing me a stack of bills every day.

Squirrels on the front porch, inches away from her.

Jehovah's Witnesses and other church people who want me to turn or burn

The shirtless crackhead trying to enter our house during a thunderstorm last year because "God wanted to strike him down"

The endless parade of well-meaning but pushy college students who want to talk to me about Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Chattahoochee River Keepers, and so on.

The neighbor who lets her dog shit on our lawn every damn night.


  1. Molly needs some lessons from Sushi!

  2. Aww Molly, you're a good girl! Don't listen to mean ol' Cary.

  3. I bet the guy in the mug shot of the day can't eat corn on the cob! and he is kinda scary looking!

  4. Molly looks like a sweetheart! My dog will let anybody at all into the house and not make a sound, but when they try to leave--that's when he starts barking and nipping at their heels. He does bark at the mailman when he hears him go by out front though. And one time, I answered the door to find the UPS man there. Max was standing behind me inside and for some odd reason, he started barking and carrying on and slipped past me out the door. It took me completely by surprise because it was so out of character for him. He chased the UPS man all the way back to his truck. I know it was wrong of me to laugh, but I did anyway to see my little not-even-10 pounds ball-of-fluff toy poodle at the heels of this 220 lb. UPS man. =D

  5. Smartest dog I ever had was a Boston Terrier. One day I was in 7-11 getting a paper and I could see the guys on motorbikes beside my car (windows down) were petting her and generally getting some BT loving. I returned to the car and one guy turned around to pet her goodbye. She tried to take his arm off. Don't stick your arm in the car when there's someone to protect, unless you don't mind losing it. I apologized but really, how dumb are you.

  6. Good dog, Molly. Lookit her tail wag!

  7. My dogs bark at everyone. Lola, the chihuahua showgirl, does so with her entire 5.6 lb body and at a volume that will make your teeth hurt. Pip, the most mellow Cavalier ever, will bark but it lacks commitment. It's an obligatory bark so Lola won't eat his treats and hump his head later.

    Molly is a sweet-natured dog who would probably only stop an intruder if he tripped over her while she was trying to get a nice pat. :)

  8. George barks at everything. Nobody is allowed to walk down our sidewalk, with or without dog. We shut the blinds so he couldn't see out, but then he learned that he could go upstairs and look out the landing through the huge window above the front door with no curtains. He also barks at random animals, menacing characters, and fake animals (statues, stuffies), and doorbells/people knocking on doors on the TV. Oh, and Skype, the mail carrier/UPS person (and their trucks), anyone who knocks and

    On the other hand, he is a Corgi, so he probably can't help himself.

  9. Hey, I couldn’t find an email address… Can you email me so I can ask you a question about your dog?



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