Wednesday, October 16, 2013

News: Blood-Soaked Bloomberg Announces Homelessless No Longer A Problem In NYC

Next on his list: Yankees fans.

From The Onion.
Blood-Soaked Mayor Bloomberg Announces Homelessness No Longer A Problem In New York City

NEW YORK—Drenched in drying blood and limping slightly, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg triumphantly stated this morning that the city’s longstanding homeless problem had finally been solved.

“Homelessness is over—it’s not a problem anymore,” a winded Bloomberg said to a City Hall press conference while gripping the lectern tightly to prevent his hands from shaking.

“I fixed the problem. Problem solved.”

When asked by reporters if permanent housing had been provided for the city’s 50,000 homeless, Bloomberg assured them the new lodgings were quite permanent.

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  1. Oh my! Hahahaha! "Bloomberg assured them the new lodgings were quite permanent." Looks like he faced the problem head-on!



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