Thursday, October 17, 2013

Freaky/Cool Jack-O-Lanterns Of The Day

All from Flickr.

Cannibal Pumpkin

Turtle Pumpkin


Albino Stormtrooper Pumpkin

Say "trick or treat" one more time! I dare you!

Pumpkin Killer.... qu'est que c'est...

Not Stayin' Alive

Yoda says, WTF is up with my head?


Cannibal Pumpkin 2

Heeeeeeere's Jackie!


Spider pumpkin?

Bob, The Enzyte Pumpkin

Angry Blowfish

The better to eat you with, my dears

Alien Fetus Pumpkin


Mozilla Dork-O-Lantern

These are from "Pumpkin Master" Ray Villafane.


  1. "Bob, The Enzyte Pumpkin"--hahaha! =D

    I don't have the patience or the skill to do anything like these. I'm usually ready to be done with it by the time I get all the seeds and pulp scooped out. Triangle eyes and nose and a jagged mouth are as good as it gets with me. One of my sons did a cannibal pumpkin similar to the first one in this list one year, though. It was pretty cool!

  2. My Current Legal Spouse used to carve incredible pumpkins every Halloween, rivaling some of these above. Now that we have kids and they beg him to carve something cool he's usually "too tired". Dammit. Kids ruin everything.

  3. These are very impressive!

    One year I was determined to make one of these fancy pumpkins. I bought the stencils, the precision tools, the whole package. Within 5 minutes I had practically sliced off my thumb so the kids had to finish it and I made them use plastic knives. It looked like a melted Barbie doll face. Now we stick with just the basics.



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