Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weird Craigslist Requests Of The Day

Some of these you have seen on LOTD before. Because we kick ass. From FunnyOrDie.

See more here.


  1. So many crazies out there. I'd probably have more parties too if I had a Lionel Richie cream cheese dip server. Who wouldn't?

    The barter list for the Macbook made me laugh. So random. I wonder if he found any takers. :D

  2. If I can't get anyone to buy my daughter's two flower girl dresses on Craigslist then these nutjobs sure are going to have a hard time finding people to do their whacked-out bidding.

  3. I came close to calling about the MacBook but saw that the Cadet Blue was missing from the box of crayons and that made me totally change my mind.



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