Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Highlights From The 2013 World Air Guitar Championships (Of The Day)

These kill me. RTFO!

From The Guardian:

"The 18th Air Guitar World Championships were held in Oulu, Finland, on Friday. The event was won by the American Eric 'Mean' Melin after his fierce rendition of Hash Pipe by Weezer impressed the judges."

Here's a video of the winner.

Best YouTube comments:

"Does he get an air trophy?"

"Take away the flashing lights and the music and you have the guy by the dumpsters outside the 7-11."

"Still better than Nickelback."


  1. This is a real thing? They have contests for this? Hahahaha! Some of the costumes they are wearing in the photos are pretty funny too! :)

  2. The guy in the Tarzan suit looks like he's playing with something other than a guitar.

    "Still better than Nickleback" Ahahhahahahahhahaha!!!! gasp...

  3. Yeah, "Still better than Nickelback" is the best!

  4. Damn, I actually just watched the video. I can't get over the crowd this BS draws!

  5. I bet Mean Melin gets a lot of action from his simulated girlfriend, too.



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