Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Google Search Terms That Bring You Here, Vol. 4

Don't look at me. You're the ones searching for this stuff.
spanish pick up lines mexico
dead actresses of the 80s
fuck ya tattoos
funny words for pussy
danny bonaduce shirtless
bad skin celebrities
milton berle legendary genetalia
"hand job machine"
bodybuilding clitoris
richard nixon
watch who reamed robin rabbit?
rap names that start with l that are not taken
dislike touch brushing teeth like bare feet
masturbating women
cookie fart
euphamisms for touching a girl
best teen boob comedy
'lousy lay"
way to lace chuck
uneven penis
smack me mommy pics
should pubes be illegal
crayon colors offensive
singers who are still black
top 10 panty schools in pennsylvania
list of girl childhood stars who are grown up
the nut bra commercial
my cat sprayed me with poop
dancing penis
steve busceemi teeth
how often men married masterbate
dirty old people jokes
bacon good for me
bra too tight
don't eat ruby tuesdays turkey burger
double jointed babes
wipeout girls
internet dog
list of czech milfs
worse hawaiian shirt ever
what's the best to eat at the california state fair?
dirty words for cock
far side postman nest of wiener dogs
milfs over 20
tampon flowers
armageddon end
mother in law tried to kill me
nsfw assorted body parts
list of large fat actors
i am cheese
urinal cakes


  1. This just goes to show the amazing range and scope of material covered in this blog.

    "rap names that start with l that are not taken"

    "I am cheese."

    Hahaha! =D

  2. Milfs over 20. Hmm? These are all quite funny!

  3. Am I the only one who is Googling some of these terms right now, just for fun? Laughing, can't breathe! I Googled "euphemisms for touching a girl" this site was the FIRST RESULT! Congratulations ListOfTheDay!

  4. "Singers who are still black" HAHAHAHA!

    Sorry about the "far side postman nest of wiener dogs." Busted. ;)

  5. Cary has a great grasp on the concept of diversifying.

  6. "Milton Berle legendary genetalia" That might be the only one that made me wince. Uncle Miltie. Ew.

  7. Any one of these would be the most awesome band name ever.



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