Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Dark Side Of 11 Classic Board Games (Of The Day)

Great games, questionable themes. From The Huffington Post.

This board game pits family members against one another, teaching children several important economic lessons: how to stifle competition, squeeze rent from squatters that stop by their properties and exert maximum profits at all costs. Before you know it, you'll have a mini-mogul on your hands. Besides, what 8-year-old shouldn't learn how to handle $500 bills with ease and get out of jail free?

Life is really only worth living if you have tons of money, right? According to LIFE, the answer is a definitive "yes!" This board game also teaches us that you MUST get married (to someone of the opposite sex, of course), that purchasing insurance or pursuing a college education really have very little impact on your future, and that you should only help the homeless if you'll get a reward afterward.

There are a number of misconceptions perpetuated by this classic children's game. First of all, players are bound to be upset when they realize that hippos do not in fact come in a variety of pastel colors. Secondly, hippos don't consume pretty, white marbles. And third, hippos aren't 3-year-old-friendly -- or friendly at all. In fact, they're considered some of the most aggressive and dangerous creatures in the world.

Is it a man? Does he wear glasses? Is he white? These are the sort of ways that kids are encouraged to categorize people in the two-player game, Guess Who? When it comes to this game, the only things that matter are physical. (And if you play the original version, you'll also quickly learn that white men are by far the most desirable, as they far outnumbered other faces.)

If your kids are aspiring surgeons, this game may only lead to confusion -- or encourage them to enter the black market of medicine. Let's be honest, when would you ever surgically remove someone's ribcage for cash? And it's just plain unethical to perform open-heart surgery on a conscious patient.

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  1. My boys loved playing Hungry Hippos when they were little. They played it so much and with so much energy that eventually one of the hippo heads broke off!

    In addition to the possible misconceptions about hippos listed above, it always seemed to me to teach rather questionable values too; that being greedy is good and that you should try to grab all the marbles for yourself with no regard for others. Every man (or hippo) for himself. HA!

    I guess they grew up OK in spite of it. :)

  2. I still play Hungry Hungry Hippos every night. In my kitchen... after the kids are in bed.

  3. We've got Hungry Hungry Hippos. Every time it is played another ball or two goes missing. My conclusion is that we have a rogue hippo that lives under the fridge.

    1. Better watch out for your toes if you're barefoot when you go to get a late night snack! :D

  4. Monopoly has caused blood to be drawn, Life put everyone to sleep, and we had to stop playing Clue because one kid (no names) kept hiding the weapons in his draws.

    Operation is why I twitch when I pluck my eyebrows.

  5. Max and I LOVE playing "Life". He likes the little peg people. Last time he had twin girls and kept saying, "Boy, it costs a lot to keep them fed and taken care of..."



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