Monday, August 26, 2013

News: Store Clerk Injured While Trying To Stop Theft Of Hasselhoff Signs

Being a Hoff fan is a real drag, man. From ABC News. Link from the amazing Jenn Howard.

Give that man a signed photo of me. He's my brah.

Conn. Clerk Injured in David Hasselhoff Sign Theft

Shelton, CT
August 20, 2013 (AP)

Connecticut police say a convenience store clerk has been critically injured trying to stop the theft of two signs featuring images of actor David Hasselhoff.

Authorities say the 36-year-old clerk at a Cumberland Farms in Shelton saw a man put the signs into an SUV shortly after 1 a.m. Tuesday.

Police say the worker was struck and dragged by the SUV and landed on his head.

Police say the clerk is hospitalized in critical condition, and authorities are looking for the suspects. The employee's name hasn't been released.

Hasselhoff starred in the TV shows "Baywatch" and "Knight Rider." The signs featuring him advertise iced coffee.

Cumberland Farms officials say more than 500 of them have been stolen from stores in several states in recent months.


  1. A man is stealing signs featuring Hasselhoff advertising iced coffee and he wants them badly enough to put someone else in the hospital in critical condition? Wow. Talk about the smell of desperation.

    I wonder if the thief was singing, "Jump in My Car" as he sped away.

    Mugshot lady caption today made me laugh. =D

  2. That's why I have my life-size Hasselhoff chained to the porch. Nobody hassles MY Hoff.



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