Friday, August 16, 2013

News: NZ Woman Drives 185 Miles In Her Sleep

Must be nice. I can't even sleep on an airplane. If you or I had tried to drive 185 miles in our sleep, the story would have ended differently.

From Yahoo News.
New Zealand woman drives, texts while sleeping

Texting while driving can be deadly. Adding to the danger: texting and driving while asleep at the wheel.

A woman in New Zealand managed to drive — and even send her friends text messages — for hours while asleep, according to a story in the New Zealand Herald. Miraculously, she did not get into an accident.

According to News 3 New Zealand, the unnamed woman, who reportedly suffers from a sleep condition and was taking sleeping pills at the time, got behind the wheel and drove around New Zealand all night.

The sleep-driver reportedly left her house in Hamilton, headed to Auckland and then to her former home in Mount Maunganui on the coast late on Tuesday night, driving for a total of five hours and about 190 miles.

As she sleep-drove, she texted her friends, who believed she sent them while half asleep, says New Zealand’s News 3.

Police say that although the woman was texting during her drive, she was unconscious the entire time and has no memory of the nighttime ride.



  1. Oh my word! Somebody take the keys away from that woman.

    Regarding the video, that's a long way down that cliff! hahaha!

  2. I listen to audio books to pass the time. I think I prefer that.

  3. I sing at the top of my lungs like I'm giving a concert performance when driving. It keeps me awake and the other drivers seem to love it. Especially my costume changes.



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